Taking First Steps

Two steps forward, one step back. Or three. Or twenty forward and only two back.


How do you measure progress — whether in your life or your career?  Do you measure progress it more harshly in your children than in yourself?  Or vice-versa?


Do you measure progress by the well-being and simply joy you feel, or by your sense of connection to something greater than yourself, or by your Stuff Buying Ability (SBA as opposed to MBA)?


When in dire straits, whether facing challenges in life, new directions or personally earth-shattering days, our SBA can be the handrail of our Titanic ship of life.


Or we can get still, look within, breathe, become slowly aware with each breath that the space you take up as a soul here and now in your life-time you are spending right now is far more potent and  beautiful than the space your Stuff takes up. Do it just now.  Breathe, feel your eternal soul taking space here in this moment of your life, and know you are all you need to be. Naked. Without the stuff of progress or the ability to buy more.

I think progress is being On Task and On Purpose:  Using your inner stuff for the beauty and work in the world you are here to do.  It may be a small step forward lit by a lot of angst, or a giant moment of Being full of light: a shining smile, a hand extended in the service of that which you care deeply about.

My progress today is offering two covers for my forthcoming book: Here You Begin: A Guided Journal to Your Passion, Your Purpose and Creating the Work Only You Can Do.

Let me know which you prefer!




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