Why This Book . . . and Why You

Why this book?

Why a Guided Journal to Discovering Your Passions, Your Purpose, and to Creating the Work Only You Can Do…?

Because when we ask questions of ourselves — our Self — we hear the answers of our Soul illuminating the Path of our lives. We hear answers that we know to be true, and we hear that we do know what we’d really love to do with our time here on Earth.You don’t get that from reading other people’s “story of success”.

This is personal — it’s your life.

Why You?

Because you are searching for a way forward…

Maybe you’ve been told your out of work today or yesterday or a few days, months or years ago.

Maybe you’ve just returned from a War and are looking for what to do now.

Maybe, just maybe, you are dreaming of a better Now as well as a better Tomorrow, or for some word of encouragement that You Are Really Great, being exactly who you are.

This little book, Here You Begin, is for you.

It’s a hand to hold, and a friendly smile of encouragement. It’s a plan, a confirmation that you are here for a reason, and that you’ve got Work to do that only you can do.

Here’s a question from it:

If I were an Enchanter/Enchantress , the Royals would call upon me to do ______________ for the Kingdom.


And what would you answer?

Now how would you do it? The steps you come up with are exactly right:

Here are the steps of the spell needed to make this happen:





The World is waiting for You!


Elizabeth Darby



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