work Work lifetime Life-Time

It’s all how we view things, isn’t it?©elizabethdarby2013


A spot of flowers . . .

or a spot of weeds.


A vase, half-full or half-empty . . .

. . . or actually full of both water we see and overflowing abundantly with the air we feel which makes life even possible.

All right there in front of us.

What do you see when you look around you? What do you feel?

Some people work. Others have Work to do.

They pour themselves into doing it each moment, like the air and water pouring into the vase that is their Life-Time here.

Some of us think about a lifetime, long, hard or enduring it, or too short and perhaps lost. Others experience Life-Time: a string of pearls of moments strung together with passion, joy being the thread, a sense of Purpose being the clasp, and the awareness of fully experiencing the here and now shining with awareness that finite is the lot of each one of us.

It’s joyful spending of time, not sorrowful wondering where the time went.

When I tell people what my book is about, what I believe about Work and Life-Time:

That we are here with specific Work to do;

 each of us perfectly suited with our talents and abilities

to do the Work here for us to do;

That the work you are here to do is needed

and that doing so fills us with shine in living

On Task and On Purpose

I’m most often met with …

Resistance. Arguments. Even cackles of disbelief at my naîviety.

“Oh, not me.”

“You have to get a job to support your Work.”

“I am suited for only specific work? What about what I want to do…”

As if the Work that uses your talents and abilities could ever be anything other than, well, exactly what you want to do…

Is it so revolutionary to consider such a different paradigm of Work and Life than the work, work, trudge, trudge variety??

Or that the Work you create will indeed support your every need as you journey here?

I don’t think this is a new idea; it’s as old as the hills actually and found in most sacred texts when looking at living in alignment with Spirit or God or all the new ways of describing Magnetic Attraction and Energy Flows of Life Well Lived.

The resistance, the arguments, the cackles are Fear speaking.

Fear that he may have missed the boat or that she may have ‘wasted time’ or that his or her sacrifice of years for pennies and loss might have been not the only way to live one’s time on earth.


How are you using yours?

Once we embrace the finite of Life-Time,

we can embrace the Infinite in the possibility

that how we create our Work, On Task and On Purpose,

will imbue us with joy and shine, abundance and a sense our lives gave something, well, wonderful.

Take a risk. Set aside the fear. Create your own Work. Feel the passion and joy in doing so.

What does it call you to do with this gem of a moment?

Blessings on your moment now,

Elizabeth Darby

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