Feeling Vital

Vital:  from the Latin root vita, of course, which according to Partridge’s Origins, has as one of its meanings “life, the opposite of death . . .

“…either a means or a way of life…”

and as words —like life —  tend to evolve in time, thus vita became vital in Middle French and on into vitalité . . .

You get it from here.

And the rest, as it’s said, is history — yours, mine, ours.

Feeling vital is feeling connected to something you love.

Love doing, love being, love being with, love tending, love making better.

It’s a means of living, a way of living your life, feeling connected, flush with joy and passion, love and tenderness, concentration, focus and, well, vital to the moment you are in . . . right … now.

When is it that you feel most vital?

What did you do today that gave you a means of living, a feeling of vitality, and of feeling being vital to that which you care so deeply about?

Dare to feel vital, for surely you are in whatever it is that is ticking away your time here.

And if you don’t feel the opposite of death in your day to day, then

Dare to Begin Again.

Right here, Right now.

Dare to be vital to you and your talents, your love, your energy to give in this world . . .

by living your life time here, in this moment, On Task and On Purpose.

Every moment is a Here You Begin opportunity.

Cheers to feeling vital today!


Elizabeth Darby

Are you smiling? If so, there’s no doubt that you’re feeling vital . . .Yay You!

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