GPS for Gratitude

Have you ever done this?


©elizabethdarby 2013

It’s a kind of simple game I have played since I was a little girl looking around a long-grassed mountain side for what to do or where to go next.  It’s a kind of GPS system for the soul.

The rules are simple: There’s just one.

Assume whatever you notice is really important, a clue left just for you, and that it is guidance for your ‘next step’ in the puzzle of your life-journey of Being You.

As you notice it, feel immense gratitude for the clue, the guidance, the direction, the encouragement, whatever it is. Like GPS, this thing you notice has found you and you have found it. It guides you and you feel, well, thankful, that you are directed right here and now into being On Task and On Purpose in this moment. …That’s it.

This little game can be ‘played’ anywhere . . . and even while waiting for planes four hours overdue in JFK when people-watching feels no longer the best reality TV around, as I found last week coming home from the UK. 

I’ve found physical clues are easier found in Nature than in confined spaces, though I”m always grateful for a discovery of a cafe offering great, giant cups of tea even in urban corridors. Thus, I learned when leaving my native nature spaces here in the Rocky Mountain West for the rest of the world, I could play this game with books and bookstores. The one rule remains. I look for a title that jumps out at me, saying ‘here I am; the answer and insight is here’ or I open one, two or three books at random that I’m carrying with me and see what is said and contemplate where the intersect. For, remember, three points define a line — of action, of direction, to next, to beyond, to using your gifts or a lifeline in a dark time.

(Warning: Don’t try this with newspapers or shallow magazines; the results can be profoundly disturbing!)

So, playing it today while avoiding 100 degree heat outside, I thought I’d share whatever GPS was offered. No, you and I don’t have the same puzzles of life-journey around us, but guidance can fit each of us in just the right place, if received with gratitude.  So here goes:

First, determine that whatever is relayed here is just the hint or guidance you might need right now; yes, it’s for you. Then simply feel a huge wave of thanks as you consider it.

And, No, this isn’t fortune cookie stuff for the more cynical or hurting among you thinking ‘um, right…’ at this moment (I know you’re there). This is a game of opening to GPS is a light-play for the magic that is for your very next step.

Here’s what I ‘opened’ to — and no doubt is for each of us in each of our journeys; see where the 3 ideas take you and connect for you:

We must awaken to the truth that essentially this world order in which we live is a spiritual order; that honesty, justice and love are the very foundations of all life, and they cannot be flaunted with impunity, for they are the moral and spiritual principles that underlie all human relationships…

Ernest Holmes, It’s Up to You


What does your fearsome Bogey look like? What’s the worst that could go wrong? Write it and draw it here. We all have doubts. We doubt our Selves, our abilities, our worthiness to actually create our work and feel joy, and we each have our unique pictures of what could go wrong. But once the doubts are out in front of us, we can take a good look at them in the light and assess how realistic each truly might be. . . .

me, from my book Here You Begin which is based on

 countless nights of talking with my daughters as they reached for their lives and dreams


Somewhere, deep inside of each of us, is the knowing which knows us, that mystery which seeks us, desires realization through us. What a defilement of our calling it is to live the lesser life. We may be frightened by the scope of such calling but it is even more frightening to have stayed stuck in a life of no consequence, of no contribution. Fear of the call is a good fear, for it reduces the other fears to their lesser claim on us. . . .

James Hollis, Creating a Life

Wow. Thank you, GPS!

When wondering what to do next to pursue the Call of my time here, it’s an instant reminder:

Walk in honesty, justice and love;


Regard the self-doubts and fears as needing

a ‘reality’ check

and maybe a little a cartoon-rendering;


Remember that there is something greater

pulling through you wanting expression:

It’s the reason you are here in your Life-Time

using your gifts, and shining your light from within You around.


What guidance is connected here for you? Did your GPS find you?


Helping hands always offered here, with gratitude.

Give Life a dizzying whirl today!


Elizabeth Darby




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