New Year, New You, New Spirit, New Life, New Work

Ten minutes with yourself, for ten days . . .and a new path starts.

Everything is new at the turn of the calendar, isn’t it?

We have high hopes, clean slates, shiny new pages to fill in of a year yet to come . . .

Yet perhaps there is an aching of the heart or spirit that still lingers underneath all that gloss of the Holidays.

It is the ache of doubt, either of self or of life itself. Like the still-unwrapped present under the tree that you know contains the fruitcake sent by someone who cares, but doesn’t really know You or your likes or hopes or dreams, you want to open this coming year and feel, well, delicious about the prospects rather than disappointed.

Will this year be different?


Will I feel more joyous?


Will I have work?


Will I have more life? Or more joy in life? Or more work I love in each day of this life-time here?


When will I feel I’m on task, here on purpose, being something that is shiny from within rather than merely doing something to cover over the circles under they eyes from all these When’s that creep through me at night?

The way through a forest of Whens is through answering the questions about yourself that call you to being True — to You —  from your heart and spirit, but also from the child hiding inside of you, aching for you to turn on the light and Listen!!

Take a risk:  Ask yourself what you are Not in this moment.

Then ask that small child within what would take for it to readily to pick up and go with you on the year’s adventure ahead, hand in hand?

Saying Not me is an act of clearing the decks; now saying

I’m here, I’m listening,

is the start to beginning to be You.

There are a few new questions on the Question of the Moment page to help you get started on your New Year, New You and Your Life and Work. Here You Begin . . .

Joyous New Year to You!

Elizabeth Darby