The waning moon is fading in and out behind fog in a dark sky over my shoulder; that I see it at all is amazing for I am in a night place where lights blare and rain is normal. Normal — as in what one expects to be the ‘normal state of being’. The bars that line this beautiful historical street in Glasgow are finally closing; their lights are darkening and the crowds of revelers are almost gone into the night, talking loudly as they go. A dog is getting a last walk for the night on the emptying sidewalk. Time is ticking away into the darkness . . .

And tomorrow we start again. Each of us do:

Anew. A new day. A new dream. A new heart’s desire and anew in reaching to be present to our life-time being spent and to begin again, On Task and On Purpose.

Alone. A lone task or a lone vision or a lone hope or alone in prayer, seeking guidance for what to do with our ticking moments.

Abiding. Abiding with our inner heart and soul yearnings and a-bide (as the word began “to wait for” but also “to trust or rely on” or as it’s used here in Scotland still, to bide, to ‘endure a wait for’) the love, care, compassion and meaning we each seek to experience and to give with our life-time here and now.


So while a-waiting with all these a-words, I opened a book at random to a page (page 92 specifically) and found this reminder of what to do next while yet watching this moment of life in darkness:


If tomorrow was my last day on Earth, I’d be really sad I never:

1) ______________________________________

2) _____________________________________

3) _____________________________________

4) _____________________________________

5) _____________________________________

6) _____________________________________

7) _____________________________________

8) _____________________________________

9) _____________________________________

10) ____________________________________


So Plan, yes even if still in darkness, to do these things . . . Now.

My first steps to do tomorrow on item #1 are:

________________________________ + _________________________________ + ________________________________

I can hardly wait for the light of day to get started. How about you?


Blessings on wherever your day takes you,


Elizabeth Darby