You:  Wonder where you are going in life . . .

            Want work that suits you . . .

You wish your job and your Life were One and the same:

A great journey making use of your unique talents and gifts in your life-time here?

Here You Begin . . .

Every person attending one of my short (9-hour) workshops makes it possible for a homeless youth, returning Vet, member of a family in a homeless shelter, or disadvantaged teen in a public school to also attend a workshop set up at their shelter, service agency or school:  one for one.

Here’s how it works:

You attend a 9-hour workshop

at the low tuition fee of $85 (£55, Eu65);

I’m able to give a  workshop or consult

to one who needs it but has no hope of attending.

Thank you!

It is my goal to host 500 workshop participants in the coming year, so I can reach 500 others free of charge.

Through this work, it is my hope that 1000 people

will become On Purpose, On Task,

and creating new jobs for themselves and others

and new Work that this world needs.

Come and join me!

We will also be offering 3-day workshops — at a slower pace with time for more reflection and growth — for those who would like to travel as well as take in a workshop full of growth and self-discovery. You only have your doldrums to lose!

Tentative locations include Denver, Boulder, New York, Prague, Paris, Scotland and Bath, UK, as well as the Rocky Mountains of the US.  These will allow the participants to spend a few days sight-seeing at leisure as well as doing Work of the soul.  More details coming soon.

Join us — Suggestions and reservations can be sent through the contact information here at this blog.

Blessings and Abundance be Yours as you embark on your Work here,

Elizabeth Darby.

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